Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 158, 159, 160 and 161

Thursdays exam went ok i think, and whether it did or not having had no time for a walk before it and heading straight to the pub after it unti i had to be taken home to bed - not late enough to be socially considered cool, but my degree is over! so i couldnt give a monkeys. Friday the effects of thursday physically prevented me from walking, and then Marty arrived Friday night so yesterday while there were no timed walks we did stroll along the south bank and then walk from waterloo to kings cross, where i sent him on his way home again. I have google-mapped the distance and found it to be about 3 miles, so better than nothing. There were cocktails on the cards last night too, but i was determined not to be hungover, both for my walk and for all the drinking i plan to do this afternoon at our garden party - dont judge, its the end of my degree, my last weekend as a proper student, if nows not the time to drink like one when is - so this morning i was displeased and dismayed to see rain. I know what youre thinking, is there no pleasing this whiney ass wimp, and im aware that i have been protesting the hot weather just about since it started, but i did not mean for it to make such a dramatic u-turn. However, in the face - which is where a lot of it did hit me - of the rain, and despite my best efforts last night my mild hangover i set off. For those who dont know, and i was certainly one of you until very recently, power walking with a hood up is like power walking in an oven. I quickly realised as a car splashed puddle water on me that this wasnt going to happen. Far from my exams-are-over-back-to-the-8-milers, i was more im-hung-over-and-should-be-impressed-im-out-of-the-house-at-all, and switched route to a 2 miler via canary wharf, so plus side to the day thus far, i did see the boats moored on the river setting off to the start point of the jubilee parade going on today. Well done Queen for your 60 years, and well done me for my 2 miles, as i feel similar efforts have gone into both endevours, as im pretty sure the Queen probably hasnt tried to be head of state the morning after a night of Alabama Slammers.

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