Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 157

Got my walk done, 45 minutes, nothing too dramatic happened, now that my horrendous sweating has become accepted as part of a horrible normality. When i returned home however it was 8.10am, normally this owuld be no problem, as my housemates rarely surface before 10am so i can happily hop into my cold shower and recover, allowing my face to cool to the colour of that of a normal persons by the time they awake. Today we all have an exam though (family law - 2.30 - 6pm just by the by) so nervous anticipation, and last minute panic cramming had woken everyone earlier than normal. I dont mind traumatising my housemates with my appearance, but i do mind waiting for the shower. Luckily our last exam is tomorrow morning, and for the next few days the state of my walks is in jeapordy i dont mind warning you now, as the weekend hold the triple celebration of end of exams, the end of university altogether (for me and kiki, harriet has another year) and the queens jubilee (any excuse for a pimms) so i'll see you when i see you, wish me luck!

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