Thursday, 10 May 2012

Days 136 and 137

Yesterday in my efforts to procrastinate i thought id add another blonde hair dye to my already blonde hair, telling myself i was just lightening it up for summer... because this is me we're talking about instead of a sunny yellow like the lady on the box i got, well, grey. All hopes of a walk were abandonned as i could barely bring ,myself to leave the house, and after phone consultations with my mother and best friend Sharon, and a real life consultation with flatmate Harriet (deviser of my 4 mile London walk circuit) I skulked to Asda (its probably less than a mile round trip but thats all Ive got for the day) and bought a nice dark brown.
I only tell you all this because well honestly i need to justify not walking, i know you love to hear about my trials and tribulations, and not to trivialise the nature of this blog but hello, my hair was grey! Not really on. Anyway this morening with exam fear setting in (first one tomorrow eek) I woke up at 5.48am. With no chance of getting back to sleep i thought i may as well get up and crack on. I took my brunette self by surprise when passing a mirror and may have yelped, but made it out of the house at the ungodly hour without waking the flatmates. Hoping that my sleek new hair would make me faster as well as smarter (because all blondes are idiots arent they, i can say these things now mwahahaha) I dashed off out the door. My friend lollipop man wasnt even out and about yet, and sadly i did not see drunk/hobo guy again either. I dids see the sun rise though, and canary wharf looks just lovely in pink. But as i let the cat out on my return (it was too early for him when i went out) 1 hour 50 minutes later, and flopped down on the sofa to type this i didnt feel as exhilerated and fired up to work as i thought i would, in fact im about ready for a nap. But as its only 8am i think ive got time for one!

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