Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 152

I got up earlier today, hoping to beat the heat... no chance, even setting off at 7.45am did me no good, it just meant that i was seen by more horrified commuters. And summer has thrown another stinger at me. Wasps. The most vile of all things, i hate hate hate wasps, and they hate me too. Today for example, after implementing my public good policy and only doing one four mile lap of the Isle of  Dogs (45 minutes, even this weather cant hold me down) I was on the path back towards the house when i heard the terrible buzzing, time slowed down as i saw the horrendous creature out of the corner of my eye, bearing down on me like an evil yellow (i cant think of anything horrible enough to compare it to) and i had to summon up my very last reserves of energy to scream like the girl i am and leg it to the door. I must be the only person saying this, but as if this weather wasnt bad enough things like this have to start happening! And if the wasps are already in london i dread to think what it'll be like when i go home to the countryside...

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