Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 139

I dont know about where you are but wherever i am typically as soon as i have to stay inside to do something (in this case exam revision) the weather pulls out all the stops to make it a perfect day to be outside. By 12.30 though I was half way through the assigned revision for the day and half way to losing my mind so I took a walk break. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and of course all this lovely heat went straight to my sweaty little face... I stomped around looking like i was about to blow a house down with my huffing and puffing, and got the first lap done ok. Or so i thought. I glanced down at my phone and somehow my brain computed the numbers to put me half an hour behind schedule ( wasnt in fact, well done eyes) I panicked, and quickened my pace, faster and faster i went until i could no longer control myself and feeling as mad as a march hare (you know by now im slow enough for the effects of march madness to take til may to reach me so this is a perfectly reasonable comparison) i broke into a run! I kept this up for about a mile where i reached the verge of collapse and slowed back to a wobbly walk. It was then i looked again at my phone and realised my mistake. I didnt alter my average speed much though as during the following recovery walk i could have been overtaken by a three legged tortoise. I did make it home in 1 hour 40 minutes though, a time never to be repeated as long as i learn to tell time properly.

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