Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 156

I decided to stop myself at the stop of the slippery slope (probably slippery from all my swaeat) of passing off a toddle to the corner shop as a peoper walk, as i coud easily have slipped into that ice lolly fuelled routine, and got back on with it today. 7.40am i left the house, and lo and behold it is still too hot. England NEVER has good weather, why now?! Anyway my legs must know me too well as they had gotten themsleves very comfortable very quickly in the idea of not moving much further than to the shop, and began to twinge almost as soon as i passed it and they realised what was going on. I forced them on anyway, and in one of the most uncomfortable walks to date (the heat, my legs, commuters EVERYWHERE) i made it round in my usual time at least. I'd like to say that this has taught me not to have cheeky days off, but i think ive said that before...

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