Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 153

Today is hotter than yesterday already, im sure of it. And im not happy about it. I havent been sleeping well (in comparison to my normal routine of head hits the pillow (usually at the rock n roll time of 10ish truth be told, then 8 or 9 hours later i spring up again fresh as a daisy) in the heat, and my usually sunny disposition is starting to be effected... today i could feel my pace getting slower and slower, and although i could feel the effort of making my feet stomp stomp stomp slap slap slapping on the pavement i couldnt seem to propel my little lump of a body any quicker, i liken myself to a slug today, as i figured out that it must be all my sweat (yes even on the bottoms of my feet, theres your sexy thought for the day sorted) causing me to stick to the ground. Cursing Brian and Steve who I can only assume to be sweat free on their smug little adventures on the mountains I slithered home, to be pleasently surprised to find that my efforts had kept me up to speed with my usual time, in your faces Brian and Steve!

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