Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Days 126, 127 and 128

After the weekend off for Dads birthday, I got back into the swing of things yesterday. Dads mini rest seems to be extending into a maxi break, as he scooted off early again yesterday morning, his suspiciously bad leg seemed to be holding up ok when he was heading for the door. In addition to my official walk I knew that I's be pounding the pavements all day yesterday shopping for a friends 21st (all the hard work on the walking to be outdone drinking last night) so I got into the zone and ploughed on. I didnt even bother with the dog. Without him and with the threat of rain looming and the shops opening soon (we shop in the style of being the first ones in when they open and making the last purchase before they close, the 3 peaks will be nothing in comparison to our marathon shopping days) I rattled through the countryside, 6 miles in an hour and a half, perfect.
Today I went again without the dog (he didnt seem to mind, he didnt even look up from his kennel when I passed) and I learned again a lesson I should definitely have picked up by now: walking is hard on a hangover. I was meant to be breaking into the 8 milers today, but I couldnt bring myself to do it. I got the 6 miles done though, and waivered and failed to carry on, turning tail and staggering home when I hit the 3 mile half way mark. Tomorrow I'll be showing the 8 miler who's boss, might even take the dog, that'll teach the lazy little git.

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