Saturday, 28 April 2012

Days 123, 124 and 125

On Thursday I was at a funeral, not fun and no walk. (so less said about it the better really)
Friday has becoe a busy and tiring day with no time or energy for walking, with an early start to have Grandma to the hairdressers for 11 then laps of Northgate the local high street to get her essentials (fags and pies mainly, we are in Hartlepool now) before wisking her home again to be at the bingo by 2. Bingo is more of a mental challenge than a physical 1 but still draining let me tell you. A dozen old ladies working 5 books at a time is a sight to strike fear into any heart, Sca Fell Pike looks like a pimple in comparison.
Today is a big day. As of today never agin will we have to hear "I'm 51 you know!" Instead it is replaced with "I'm 52 you know!" Although with the age of some walkers we've seen Dad still doesnt really have  a leg to stand on, a more relevant observation than you might think owing to the fact that he literally hasnt got a leg to stand on, as is still claiming a bad knee. However his birthday presents did include not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 knee braces and a pair of trekking poles for extra support. Despite now having the equipment necessary to run up and down the three peaks dad has chosen to use his birthday authority to declare a rest day. Pass me the cake soemone... Happy birthday Dad

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