Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 116

Dad snuck out early again today, and wwhile the weather outside was still less than pleasant, uni work still seems by far the least preferable option, so I leashed up the dog and we set off. Las night I was in trouble for traumatising mams poor baby by taking him out in the wet (yes the dog, she scolded me as she ooh'd and ahh'd over the poor ickle thing as she dried him with a towel and snuggld him up on the sofa after "nasty rosie hurt you didnt she, didnt she poor Newbie..." but there are no favourites in our house...) After yesterday he did eye me suspiciously and wriggled away from the lead, resulting in me getting wrapped in his chain and as usual thinking hes rather more trouble than hes worth! So with the mangey mutt 2 nil up on me already we set off. Yesterday I dont know if you all know but it was raining, and neither me nor Newbie were particularly happy about it, but today it was just cold grey and ominously overcast, a treat in comparison really. Getting on fairly well now, in that neither of us seemed to have done anything to offend the other - I'd even manged a "morning" to our friend bird watching man without being dragged off too quickly (by the dog I mean, not bird watching man, who I'm sure is a lovely and harmless old man) - when we reachesd the 2 mile marker. This is where I realsied that the dog was far too used ot getting his own way; he sat down, had a drink from a puddle, a little stretch, and then nonchelantly turned for home "oi!" i squaked (yes I'm reduced to talking to a dog nowadays) "we've got another mile this way yet!" (because of course the dog understands distances and such) an epic battle of wills began, me walking the way I wanted to go, the dog walking the way he wanted to go, unitl we reached the end of the extendable lead. Stalemate. Realising that brazen cheekiness had failed Newbie whipped out the big guns; more donkey from Shrek annoying than puss in boots from Shrek cute he began to whine, and I'm ashamed to admit it didnt take long for me to crack and turn home. As soon a she knew he'd won the whinging stopped and he trotted back quite happily... little twerp. We were home in an hour and 5 minutes, but that does reflect the time spent on my waterloo at the 2 mile point. I fought bravely, but was out spoilt-bratted by the dog. Mummys little angel a million, me nil. Until next time.

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