Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 115

Dad made his excuses and departed early this morning, so it was left to me and the dog to get on with todays walk. The weather was grim and inside the house was pretty bleak too, as im approximately 3 weeks away from my final exams in my degree its coming up to the time when I should really be getting a move on with revision now. So I resigned myself to a mornings work hoping that at least the sun would put in an appearance later. By half past 1 I couldnt take any more (I cannot put into words how little I care about hundreds of pages of reading on the meta-ethics of Kant, long winded bugger that he is) and the rain had remained a consistent drizzle, so I decided to just get out there and get on with it. They say that the best laid plans can go awry, and while this was not the best laid plan, awry it certainly went. Firstly it was raining. Secondly with no-one in the house to assist me I couldnt fasten the dogs special collar, so had to take my chances with him in just a normal collar and lead. A mistake with our uncontrollable animal. Thirdly it was raining. Did I also mention that it was raining? Newbie didnt quite cach on to the rain at first and dragged me around for a mile or so, then Einstein amongst dogs that he is he seemed to have his eureka moment and promptly ran (already dripping wet) and hid in a bush. Taking that as my cue to turn around and declare todays effort a 4 miler I proceeded to drag him home, idiot dog darting from bush to bush, despite being already sodden. We made it home on the hour, not bad considering it was raining.

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