Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Days 97 - 107

How the mighty have fallen, from scaling Scafell to slobbing on the sofa is exactly how far I've fallen to be precise. Rugby tour in Italy (not Otaly as previously stated) involved about as much excersise as can be expected, then there was the hangover on return from Italy, and then it was Easter, and I think we all know by now that chocolate is the top priority in my life, so I'm well on my way down a slippery slope here. Dad, devoid of my encouraging presence has slumped too, but theres still time for us to get it back! On Friday we'll be hitting the next big milestone in our training regime - the Yorkshire 3 peaks. For those of you unaware (as I was myself in blissful ignmorance to the existance of most of the things I've encountered since training began) the Y3P (as the are known to us pros) are a sort of mini version of the N3P (national 3 peaks, keep up darlings) which is of course the end goal. Word on the street, or mountain may be more apt in this case, is that if a party can complete the Y3P in half a day, then the N3P should be no bother in 24 hours. Dad has elected to bravely soldier on, and Eddie and I will be presenting him with his early birthday present to help him on Friday - trecking poles (essentially walking sticks for mountain climbers) he is 51 - nearly 52 - you know! So I'm sure after the hell that this will undoubtably be we'll all learn our lesson and never miss a walk again...

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