Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Days 146, 147, 148, 149 and 150

So Saturday was Grandmas birthday lunch, followed for me by a friends birthday party that night, as can be predicted, when one starts drinking at noon saturday and doesnt stop til 2am sunday, both days were a walking write off, Monday I managed to raise myself (practically from the dead) and managed to stagger round the 8 miles in 2 hours (dogless, with mam and dad both at work there was no-one to make me take him) and repeated the sucess yesterday. Today I arrived back in London, one housemate not home yet from the night before, and the other one up early to get a mcdonalds breakfast. The recent heat wave meant that, knowing as you all know by now how sweaty I am, walking 8 miles, at 9am, around the streets of London was going to be uncomfortable for everyone. I managed 4 miles though without horrifying too many people with my visage, before slopping back to the house in a puddle of my own revolting juices afte just one lap of the Isle. I fortified myself with the idea that I had to cut my walk short to revise (last two exams 30th and 31st) and can only hope (and im probably the only person doing so) that the weather doesnt stay so lovely, either that or im going to have to start walking by night for everyones benefit.

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