Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Days 133, 134 and 135

Sunday was an official rest day spent in Kings Lynn, and yesterday in the spirit of the bank holiday we headed to Thorpe Park, where the weather had put off enough paople to make it pleasently quiet, and we ran (yes I ran!) between roller coasters getting on them with less than 5 minutes queue in most places. I know I cant count it as a walk but we were there 7 hours and my legs did ache on the way hom, so maybe I can kind of count it?
Today Im back in London for last minute revision for exams on Friday and one next Tuesday, so of course Im still avoiding working as much as possible (hence the big bog catch up) so took on my first 8 miler in London. I decided the easiest thing to do would be revert back to my 4 mile circular lap of the Isle of Dogs and do it twice. Simple. Simple and boring I discovered, the only light hearted moment on the dull cold grey stomp being the moment when I saw a man who I can only assume was still drunk from his bank holiday shuffle down the wall to come to a sliding sit on the pavement, explaining to the world in general that he'd just have a little rest. He clapped and cheered as I passed, possibly as I looked such a state I could hvae been a huffing puffing leftover from the marathon last month. He was still there on my second lap, and his clapping and cheering spurred me on. Its unkind to say but I hope he never finds his way home, and can be available to follow me up the 3 peaks on the big day like a mobile support unit. Hope hes there tomorrow, and now with reasonable alternatives exhausted its time to hit the books i suppose

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