Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 187

The results finally appeared at just about 5pm (i got a 2.1 though so worth the wait) and my walk seemed like a blur in the past in comparison to this comoputer screen, which i now know so well.
Today was another early one, and another short one im afraid, only a 4 miler again as we're ading to the traditional busy hairdressers-pies-bingo Friday fro Grandma by throwing in a reporter and photographer, thats right, todays exciting news is that yours truly and the family are coming to the pages of a Hartlepool Mail near you (well only really near you if you live in Hartlepool, if not youre unlikely to see it im sorry to say) So i blasted the 4 miles today, the weathers finally perked up and it was cool but sunny, absolutely perfect. The dog was stil asleep so i can honestly say i almost enjoyed myself, 4 hours 55 minutes, im on fire.

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