Friday, 15 June 2012

Days 171, 172 and 173

On Wedneday we spent the day in Newcastle to board the ferry to Amsterdam at 5pm. There was some waing involved, and much lugging of suitcases if that counts for anything, but no official walk. Yesterday, hung over from the "party ferry" we took the attitude of "when in Rome" (or this case Amsterdam) and strolled around (not knowing where to put our faces when in the the red light district let me tell you!) and tried the space cakes, after that I could have walked a hundred miles and not known about it if you know what I mean... Today then we got back, hungover from anotyer night on the party ferry, after indulging in another must of Amserdam, absinthe. Im running around like a headless chicken trying to get showered and sober in time to take Grandma to the bingo from 2 til 4, so I feel there isnt a walk of any notable distnce on the cards today here im afraid...

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