Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 186

Today is a big day, not so much for walking but in the rest of my life; my exam results and ultimate degree classification will be released online today (or tomorrow, or next week, such is university admin...) they werent there at 12.10am when i woke up in a panic about them, nor where they there at 5.50am when i awoke ofr the same reason. I couldnt get abck to sleep and they still werent there at 5.55am, 6.00am, or 6.05am so i decided i may as well get a walk done, working undet the assumption that if the results people didnt have the results up online now then surely they wouldnt until 9 oclock... i left the house at 10 past 6, Mam and Dad still in bed so i didnt have to take the dog, it was managing not to rain, there were no cyclists around, and dog free i shoud have been happy, but by 6.15 i was twitching, getting more anxious with every step i took away from my computer, maybe the results people got up and started uploading at 6? or half past? In the end i couldnt bear it and turned round early, fleeing back to the screen after 4 miles in 50 minutes (which is quick for me, maybe i should ask them to hold my results at the top of Snowdon) The results werent there at 7 when i returned, or 7.15 when i got out of the shower, ita allmost half past now though, time to check again...

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