Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 174

After a hard day of shopping and the cinema (its a rough life) i did something i dont usually do and took myself on an afternoon walk. I set off at 5pm, with the intention of returning home 8 miles later by 7pm., cant think of a more rock and roll saturday night... Still recovering from Amsterdam i didnt torture myself by taking the dog, and he didnt seem too upset, possibly remembering the distance from last time. I bossed the timings (if i do say so myself) and returned home with 5 minutes to spare. The last 2 miles were sped up probably in my rush to get home as the heavens opened on me. When i got home i looked like a rat who had been drowned, picked up and towelled off badly and drowned again. Disturbingly the rain didnt make me look that much more dishevelled than my usual sweat.
In other news eddie came off his scooter in the inclement weather and is now sporting a broken elbow, this makes things dubious for him owing to the fact that we had also today confirmed the Big Day - Saturday 14th of July, 4 weeks from today. With dad officially switched to technical support it looks like i could b going it alone.

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