Friday, 22 June 2012

Days 179 and 180

Torrential rain stopped play at a 4 miler yesterday, with the dog dripping a dawdling, i dragged us home disgruntled. This morning however i woke up, saw that the sun was up, thought i may as well get up and get on with it then, leaped athletically out of bed (as im sure you can imagine), checked my phone, and discovered that it was only 5am. I laughed at myself and leaped back into bed (with as much grace and elegance as i could muster) and tried to get back to sleep. I couldnt. My subconcious obviously wants this more than i realise as i found myself fully dressed and outside at 5.15am (my subconcious is obviously much nicer than i am too as it seemed to want the dratted dog involved too) waggling the dogs lead around trying to entice him to come with me. Brilliant guard dog that he is he didnt stir from sleep, so I went without him. I actually forgot the atrocity of the time and got to quite enjoying my early morning efforts, there was fresh dew on the grass (which it turns out looks pretty but can make one very damp) there were only a few birds up and about so the tweeting was tuneful and not a racket (dont you just hate it when there are too many birds singing? what an awful life i lead i know) and most importantly i had the walkway to myself. I felt like the queen of the castle (although i looked more like the festering peasent of the footpath in my sweaty state) as i hit every mile marker ahead of time, and was looking strong (by which of course i mean extra sweaty) coming into the home straight, the last mile. Now at this point its 7am, which apparently is a more socially acceptable time to be excersising, as i saw not one but 2 cyclists. The first was inoffensive, but the second not only trilled his bell at me even though i had already moved over, but deliberately (as far as i could tell) verred towards me at the moment of passing me to spray me with the puddle water thah he was passing through. And they wonder why people hate them. Cyclists aside though i was pretty pleased with myself when i clocked in back at home after 1 hour 52 minutes, taking Mam by surprise as she was jsut getting up. Dad has registered no opinion as he is still asleep, and while Ed is home for the weekend there wont be a sighting of him until at least noon. With his fractured elbow though he's looking less and less likely to take part anyway.

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