Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Days 169 and 170

Yesterday I'm afraid that i succumbed again to daytime drinking, and the concept of walking was sadly lost to me... im thinking of re-naming this blog an "alcoholics adventures in excersise" but im not sure that gives the right message.
Today there was walking, and although the distance was smaller than 8 miles, the achievement was greater - i walked with Grandma all the way from her house to the florists, via the butchers and newsagents, the distance in its entirity probably wasnt more than a mile, but it may as well have been a hundred miles for Grandma, who was in her own words "pooped" we later did a lap of asda too, where she rewarded herself with a bottle of martini (so you can see where i get many things from)
Tomorrow im going to Amsterdam (on another mini alcoholics adventure i suppose) until Friday, so depending on my state on return i might get a walk done then, and im sure technically speaking i'll be doing walking of some sort while im out and about, the technical part being if youre counting drunken staggers that i cant fully recall...

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