Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Days 162, 163 and 164

So after The Weather on Sunday our garden party quickly became a living room party, with enough bunting and sandwiches to put a village hall to shame (i made a hundred sanwiches, and didnt even get one! there were about as many red white and blue cupcakes though and i had my fair share of them...) champagne pimms and later beer pong continued from noon to the small hours of monday morning. So you guessed it i didnt get round to a walk, however i did clear up the bomb sight that was our living room, which was no mean feat and took about as much energy as a proper walk let me tell you. Yesterday i was at Martys, and bearing in mind past failures at trying to include him i conceeded that i too would be enjoying the full exyent of the double bank holiday, however i did drag him on a couple of laps of the shops of cambridge which must count for something. This morning im back in London (not for long though, as with uni over and most of the end of uni shenaningans that come with it too, im returning home at the weekend) Exams are over, my hangovers over, and even the weathers sorted itself out into some semblance of what one would expect from an English June - cold and grey (also "one" check me out, ive spent too much time focussing on the Queen this jubilee weekend clearly) Out of excuses I used my last ounce of laziness to allow myself only a 6 miler today, reasonong that i can build myself up again to be ready for the 8 milers again when i get home, who knows Dad and Ed might even join in! But not the dog if I can help it. Im pleased to report that my times havent been too badly affected, and I completed 6 miles in 1 hour 20 without major incident, which is something of a rareity for me.

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