Thursday, 26 January 2012

Days 30 and 31

Yesterday we won again (this is getting to be something of a habit) 20 - nil, and I believe I did sufficient running around scrumming an jumping on people (as is the nature of rugby) to equal something close to the nature of a 4 mile walk.
True to my word in my earlier blog I kept my drinking to a minimum last night and was up and about reasonably early (by which I mean 10.30) after seeing one hungover housemate off to work and with the other asleep in bed I set off. Today I have a headache, which is bizarre considering how little I drank last night, and so although there were very few children chavs or commuters blocking my circuit I still suffered with every step. I maintained my time of 45 minutes though so can only assume no real harm has been done, and now am off for a lie down. More tomorrow.

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