Monday, 23 January 2012

Days 27 and 28

Good news; you'll all be pleased to know that Dad recovered from the many mojitos! However he's had another bout of shin strangles so completed his most recent 4 miles in 1 hour and 20 minutes, good try Dad, he is 51 you know!
Yesterday we won our rugby match 105 - nil, so I allowed myself a day off walking in celebration. So today with the pain of day-after-rugby (and day-after-day-after-6-mile-walk) I was ready to get back to my London route. Today has been a bit of a mad dash, following a morning of uni I rushed back to the Isle of Dogs to fit in a quick lap before I go to rugby training tonight (so apologies for this rushed entry) The more astute amongst you will recognise the fact that setting ofv at this time places me in the realm of double buggied doom, but luckily I was late enough that the majority of little darlings had been collected, and I could dodge the stragglers> Short on time as I knew I was, I still managed to fit in a quick pose on our doorstep with my Lucozade, for the benefit of our neighbour (who expressed no interest whatsoever but thats not the point) Ever the athlete I decided to take aforementioned Lucozade with me, to sip actively as I've seen real people partaking in real excersise do. Fairly soon it became apparent to me that the bottle was weighing me down though, and as I huffed and puffed along, glugging from it like it was some sort of magic walking potion. I finally accepted that it was more of a hinderance than a help and jettisoned it into a bin. On my mad dash this afternoon then I did dash indeed, returning home (thank god the neighbour wasn't around to see the state of me then!) in 43 minutes, my personal London best. Maybe I should keep myself under time pressure in future, or maybe that will just give me a heart attack; I of all people know that excersise should be approached with caution.
I almost forgot Eddie, he and Dad tackled Roseberry Topping yesterday with modest success I'm told, and with regards to walking, hes probably ready to represent Britain foe power walking in the Olypmics by now> There's still time for me to shove him off a mountain...

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