Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 12

Today I am hungover. This is not just any hangover, never in the history of hangovers has anyone been so hungover as I am today. Except Eddie, he's quite hungover too. We were at a Wheres Wally themed 21st last night, and (I hope you'll forgive the obvious and feeble pun, with my brain feeling like its about to implode I'm doing my best) I made something of a wally of myself after a couple of pints of cosmopolitan (up north everything comes in a pint glass) amongst other things. This morning (it was 12.30) when I woke up, with no real recollection of getting home, the very last thing I wanted to do was walk; it took me approximately 10 minutes to gather the strength to reach for my phone to check the time. However in my first entry on this blog I recall brazenly declaring that I wouldn't let alcohol abuse hold me back, so with extreme effort, like the AA poster girl I am (or definitely should be) I got up and rallied Ed. As Dads chronic shin sprains (laziness) haven't cleared up yet he took 1 more day off to recouperate, while I - feeling as though death should come and relieve my pain at any moment - stuck to my guns. Having passed out in my Wheres Wally outfit last night and lacking physical and mental ability to find fresh clothes I pulled on my walking boots (it took several minutes and I came close to tears struggling with the laces) and the pair of mountain Wallys stomped off miserabley over the horizon. Even the dog seemed to have sympathy for us, for once walking obediently and not getting under anyones feet. Madam tomato was more of a green pepper today judging from my complexion, greenish grey tinged even under last nights smudged makeup, and my hip swinging was not so vigorous as it has been, as with every step I could feel and almost hear last nights drinks sloshing in my stomach. It was a gloomy walk today, with few words spoken besides the occasional "Oh God my head," and "Do you have to walk SO loudly?!"
When we reached the first mile marker and I had to stop to wretch we knew the only thing we could do was go home, we staggered back, pasty and sweaty and flopped through the door having completed 2 miles in 28 minutes, so although we couldn't go the distance our timing was good, probably due to our urgent need to return home to our beds. At least we tried I suppose.
I'm now going back to bed, if I don't post tomorrow, its probably because I haven't survived the night (in which case I would like McFly to perform at my funeral) So we can at least take a moral from today; never mind driving - don't drink and walk.

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