Sunday, 15 January 2012

Days 19 and 20

In the hit and miss spirit of this week, yesterday was something of a rest day. I was back in Kings Lynn and after the dramas of my last visit there I'd given up all hope of getting any excersize out of him. With that in mind, I did manage to get some movement out of him; we went shopping in Norwich. The city center is quite large and sprawling, with a Topshop and a Hollister amongst a few unique boutique shops. I explored every single one (and tried things on in most of them) and dragged Marty on several laps of the shopping malls. We certainly covered a few miles in this fashion, and Martys feet were killing him he whined, and several hours later he groaned that he'd rather have completed an official walk, so there was a success in its own way.
Today, although the second day in a row I did not complete an official walk, I did play 80 minutes of rugby today, which probably adds up to 4 miles of walking. We won 56 - 0, so that was another success in its own way, and I did do quite a lot of running around, jumping and tackling, so all muscles were excersized (and will hurt tomorrow!)
So without specifically power walking I have engaged in a weekend of excersize, and every little helps right? Stay tuned for more consistancy next week (fingers crossed) and see how this weekend of variety has affected my times.

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