Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 15

Today ws a delicate day for muscles, after some pretty heavy fitness training at rugby last night. (Readers I haven't been completely honest with you, I do have knowledge of some sport, however the athletics involved in rugby are minimal to be fair) It involved more running than walking, which according to my oracles Brain and Steve uses different muscles, but I'm sure every little must help right? My second city walk was was delayed by a couple of things today, firstly lectures (thankyou university) and then televison (thankyou housemates) I overcame the hurdle that is my cosy corner of the living room and struggled out of the door. I was prepared for the scorn of the bright lycra clad amazonian joggers of the Isle Of Dogs, however they were few and far between today. I didn't have to wonder where they were for long, as the reason they had made themselves scarce was soon apparent; the bell signalling the end of the school day was tolling, and children were flooding the streets. Something everyone should be made aware of is that the Isle Of Dogs has MANY schools. The one closest to us is Cubitt Town Primary School, and as I ducked and weaved through the crowds, double buggies blocking me at every turn, a child actually pointed and laughed at me. Muttering under my breath words that it would have been innapropriate for the little darlings to hear I barged onwards, hurtling forwards like a little northern marshmallow on legs, hitting every set of school gates just in time for children to pour out into my path. The fact that I was the same height (and in some case smaller) than most of them made it difficult for me to get through, but a cheery wave from the proprietor of out local Indian takeaway (which we have been known to order from up to three times a week) spurred me on, and I repeated my success (and increased my suspicion that the route can't really be 4 full miles) in arriving back at our house in 50 minutes.
Back home Dad has reverted to the original route and got it done in 1 hour 5 minutes, with minimal shin pains, so a good day for him too.
Further North still Eddie clocked in another smug time within the 50 minute range, so he's clearly cheating!

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  1. South Shields Branch - I didn't cheat! I merely ran a few yards as I thought I was behind yesterday's time; where it happened that I was slightly ahead!