Thursday, 12 January 2012

Days 16 and 17

There was no walk yesterday, as life gets in the way on Wednesdays, with lectures all morning then rugby all afternoon (and then the pub all night) however Brain and Steve do advise 1 rest day a week, so it looks like mine are going to have to be Wednesdays. Rugby training was fairly strenuous though so not a total day off.
Today, following the pub all night, I am more than a little worse for wear. Previously in this blog I have described suffering the worlds worst hangover, well I stand corrected; today I have the worlds worst hangover. With this in mind having learned from past experience I didn't bother trying to do a proper walk, but on my travels around town today I did walk home from Canary Wharf, a distance I approximated as a mile, then google mapped to discover that it is 1.3 miles. I wasn't making particular effort (apart from the obvious effort it took to be out of my bed in the first place) and was on the phone to Grandma as I walked, but still did the distance in 20 minutes, which is a time I'm impressed with, could it be that I am getting fitter?
On the phone Grandma was telling me that Dad has had a day off today too because he's busy working, and yesterday he did an extra 2 miles to compensate for it... show off. I'm still awaiting my report from Eddie on his activities, but I'm sure hes doing well... show off. Hopefully I'll have something to show off about tomorrow.

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  1. South Shields Branch Update - Yesterday's time was 49 mins 30 seconds; which included a fair bit of running (or cheating as Rosie puts it!)

    However, I learned today that if I walk faster continuously instead of walking slower then running to catch up, I walk even faster; as was reflected in today's time of 48 mins dead!

    Who's showing off now Rosie? lol :-)