Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 14

I'm back in London finally, and fresh in from my first city walk. The convenient 4 mile circuit round the Isle Of Dogs was marked out for me by my housemate Harriet, who although Welsh knows and loves E14 better than any East End wide boy/rude boy/whatever sort of boys they have down here (except that of course she's a girl) I had decided that my walking boots would not be neccessary for pavement pounding, and so set out clad in my pink trainers with leggings and a hoody, perfect city excersize clothng, dull and dark to blend in with the crowds I thought. How wrong I was, as soon as I stepped out of the end of our street a pair of flourescent lycra-clad lovelies streaked past me. More than once I was out-stripped by brightly clothed beauties, who seemed perturbed to have a squat sweaty northerner stomping around in their midst. I was heckled by workmen "Whats your hurry love!" So at least I was recognised to be travelling at speed. With no mile markers I navigated by pubs and DLR stations, which are plentifull, and bus stops, which there are many. I happened upon a fair few bus stops with busses pulling into them at the same time as I was huffing and puffing up to them, but I resisted the urge to jump on and pretend that I had completed the walk in record time. I  had been determined to set myself an admirable time, and my time in Kings Lynn taught me that walking on pavement is easier than in open country, and either my fitness is improving dramatically, or the walk was not quite 4 miles, because even walking faster than I ever have before I did not expect to finish in the genuine record time (without cheating on a bus) in 50 minutes. Maybe its city air not country air that will do me good.
In other news in efforts to begin afresh himself on his solo training Dad chose a new route through our local fields back home today too. I hear that he got himself lost, ended up carrying the dog, but completed 3.6 miles in an hour, so well done Dad.
The South Shields division is yet to clock in a time today, so technically me and Dad are ahead, in your face Ed.

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  1. South Shields Branch Update - 53 minutes, so evidently Southern city air is better than Northern city air! Well done London branch on your 50 minute time!