Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 21

A new week equals a new energy for me. Recapturing some of the gumption I had on Friday afte rmy weekend of varied excersise styles (yes I just referred to shopping as an excerise style) I was keen as mustard; the keenest of all the condiments I'm told, and was on my way by 8.20am. I was aching in the traditional day-after-a-rugby-match places (i.e evrywhere) but I steeled myself and limped form my bed. The cold snap that has hit has been affecting my fellow challengers Dad and Ed, but I wasn't going to let it stop me, in fact the colder it is the better for me really, as I reach such extreme hot and sweaty levels under normal conditions that minus degrees give me a fighting chance of remaining regular human temperature. With the crisp sparkling frost underfoot (yes I had this desney-fied rose tinted view of it) I set off, I was invinvcible, I was unbeatable, I was... flat on my backside after slipping on that ruddy good for nothing frost. Undeterred I sprang up (by which of course I mean incredibly deterred I scrambled to my feet cursing) and overcame this obstacle, reminding myself it won't be all fun and games on the mountain, and slightly more carefully than I had begun moved off again. The aforementioned frost seemed ot be keeping commuters off the streets, so I couldnt get my kick of walk race adrenaline, however there were plenty of cars. On a city route like mine its inevitable that you're going to have to cross some roads, and cars turning down these roads are something of a hinderance, leaving you stomping on the spot on the curb waiting for them to get out of the way. I wished for the countryside, where if you here a tractor in the distance you'd report home that there was heavy traffic out and about. The cars were almost as irritating to me as the dog at home stopping to sniff at bushes, but at least if you shout at the dog he moves (I should warn you all that cars do not move if you shout at them). So dodging BMWs on Byng Street and Maseratis on Manchester Road I made it home in 1 piece, in 45 minutes, which I feel proves that my endevours over the weekend were indeed the successes I claimed them to be, and thus I have proved that shopping is good for you. Thankyou.

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