Friday, 13 July 2012


Today is Friday the 13th, notably an unlucky day if youre supersticious, but it may well be the best Friday the 13th ive ever had. The weather has cleared up, Grandma and i won £15 at the bingo (which all the bingo ladies agreed should be donated, see and me and Ed managed to get proper little route cards done for each mountain (luckily he can read maps...) I didnt want to risk pulling a muscle on this traditionally unlucky date, and so have not done a walk today. In fact the next time I walk will be the beginning of the ascent of Ben Nevis (im all formal and respectful of it again now that the challenge is ominously close) tomorrow. We will be beginning at 5pm, hoping to be up and down Ben Nevis by 10pm, the trusting Mam and Dads driving will be starting up Sca Fell Pike by 4am Sunday morning, to be back down and in the hands of the parents behind the wheel by 8am, getting to Wales to start Snowdon by 1pm, to compleet by 5pm. 24 very full hours ahead of us. I'm now going to stuff my face with pasta, as im sure im going to need every carb i can get! Wish us luck, and if you havent heard anything by Monday morning i might not have made it... or am just to stiff to hobble from my bed to the computer to type anything, and thankyou everyone who has read this, i hope youve had as much fun (or in fact considerably more fun at some points) reading about this as i have had doing it. And to everyone who has donated, I love you.

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