Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 201 (2 days to go)

The weather perked up! I havent checked on Big B yet (Ben Nevis, am i getting too pally?) but the sun is certainly shining here! I was woken by it at 5.30am, which i was almost glad about since at least it wasnt raining, and i joyfully scrambled up Roseberry Topping (in 15 minutes) and was so in the zone i could have turned around and taken on the big 3 there and then. It was muddy, and im sure the big 3 are still uncomfortable today (if it has indeed stopped raining in Scotland and Wales too, that is three countries the weather would have to stay constant accross, big ask i know) but by Saturday it should be fine as long as the sun stays out like this... crossing EVERYTHING for that.

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