Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 191

So apparently my blog has decided to say the right day again, making me look an utter fool. For the record i have not missed a day, the computer has, infernal thing.
Today i started on a new path. We live near the Hurworth Burn resevoir and there is a footpath around it. After my jaunts up Roseberry Topping over the weekend, i realised that i need to work on more mixed terrain than just 8 miles in a straight line on a footpath as i have been in this last push before the big one. This circular route then is around 3 to 3 and a half miles a lap, but across fields and with little hills as well as some footpath. I did 2 laps so covered maybe 7 miles (but i am taking Grandma to the supermarket today, where her erratic shopping style means we sometimes cover a couple of miles around the shop floor, so im not worried about losing the 8th mile) I quickly discovered that im not desperately keen on mixed terrain, especially when it has obviously rained all night and the grass on the untouched path is as high as me and dripping wet. The second lap was easier as long as i walked in the footsteps i had made the first time round, so that the grass was pre-trampled. I did the 6 to 7 miles in an hour and a half, and becasue i set off at 6.45 didnt have to take the dog, and i ended up home not too hot, as the rain from the grass (as well as my copious sweating of course) left my legs damp and freezing. Gotta love the British weather.

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