Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 190

I dont know what ive done, but my blog is telling me its Saturday today. It isnt. Its most definitely Sunday, lord knows what ive done. I hate technology.
That aside, I hit Roseberry topping again this morning, to emulate (albeit in miniature form) the sort of mountain-break-mountain formation i'll be involved in this time in 2 weeks. It was a later start today as i was at a 21st yesterday which involved (of course) getting into double figures on glasses of champagne. Owing to this i didnt get to Roseberry until 6.55, and this time it took 20 minutes not 15, i blame the champagne whole heartedly, but how could i ever stay mad at champage. I believe the real challenge is about to start for me though, as for this final 2 weeks im going to try and keep my drinking to a minimum, like zero drinking if possible (no-ones holding their breaths on that one though) There was also a little old man at the top when i got there today, he could well have been the one who put Dad to shame all those weks ago when he overtook him on the way up. We shared a haughty "morning" and smugly surveyed all those below us still sleeping, for we are mighty mountain climbers and they were just snoozing away... i can more than see why we were in the minority at 7.15 on a Sunday morning mind.

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