Thursday, 15 March 2012

Days 80 and 81

Yesterday was rugby training, and today has been a very bad day. I'll admit to being a tiny bit hungover, but my problems far outweigh that particular headache. First I was late to my class, then the teacher asked me a question I did not know the answer to. When I finally escaped onto  tube to come home and do my walk the tube was delayed, then when I made it on to a tube it was delayed again, then when I made it out of the tube there were no busses, then when I made it on to a bus there were loads of shreiking kids on it (why were they not in school?!) THEN when I made it off the bus I stubbed my toe! I darent do a walk today as I don't trust my legs any more than any other mode of transport today. I hardly dare type this should I electrecute myself somehow. Hopefully will fare better tomorrow.

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