Sunday, 11 March 2012

Days 75, 76 and 77

On Friday I'm afraid that the closest I got to a walk was a lap of Morrisons with Grandma. There was an Eddie sighting though! It was very brief though, he came in, grunted at us all and then vanished into the night with a girl...
Yesterday (there was still no sign of Ed, so) me and Dad set off to Roseberry topping alone, well Mam was practicing her role as technical support by driving us, but on the sharp end of training it was me and Dad scaling the slopes. I expected to be in for a treat, as Dad has been telling me all about how he and Ed had been hopping up the hill like it was nothing every weekend. So I expected to be pleasantly surprised by a display of Dads increased fitness and skills. I quickly came to realise that Dad may have exaggerated slightly about his efforts on Roseberry topping - in that I doubt from the sight of his huffing puffing face that there have been any efforts at all. We made it to the top in the end though, and stomped back down. Halfway there though Dad took me by surprise (and himself I suspect) by declaring that he was sufficiently warmed up enough now to turn around and go back to the top. Agape I trailed in his wake, and we made it back to the top and down again in 1 hour 16 minutes in total.
Today it was warm and sunny, and could be accurately described as sticky. The description became more and more apt as we plodded on. Sensing a gap in Dads training I opted to stick with Brain and Steves prescribed 6 mile route rather than flashing out on a 10 miler as Dad suggested. I suspect that he was pretty relieved with my choice. There was much grumbling, but we covered 6 miles in 1 hour 34 minutes, which is 6 minutes quicker than Dads usual time, so something of a success. Eddie emerged from his room in time to wave me off back to London (when he had returned home and what he had been doing in the mean time was anyones guess)

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