Thursday, 16 February 2012

Days 52 and 53

Yesterday the dog remained in disgrace, that coupled meeting for Dad amongst other important things (defrosting grandmas freezer...) meant that walking got a rest day. Today I had to take Eddie (the imbecile who was incapable of going alone) to sort out his student loan, then various other sorts of faffing about ensued (ok ok I went out for lunch) so it was after 3pm when we set off. Half baked ideas about doing 8 miles to make up for yesterday soon went out of the window when Eddie, who deigned to join us on his jaunt off from college, accidently engaged Dad in a subconsious mind war. Dads routine (which I too have happily fallen into) now involves a slower first 2 miles, building speed after this warm-up period. This is the only way of dealing with hisstupid shins. Eddie however is cursed with giant legs, and was almost incapable of keeping to the slower speed... Thus followed Dad "setting the pace" with me and Ed falling into step behind him. Then without meaning to (he claims) Eddie would speed up slightly, and Dad, too proud to complain, sped up in cometition. In this ungainly staggered pace we tottered onwards and we had to turn round at the 3 mile point, having arrived there after 50 minutes (10 minutes quicker than we were planning) The dog was sad not to be allowed off his lead (I coud sense it) and Dad was grumbling about his legs, Ed was struggling to stay in sync with the group, but I was the saddest of us all. Why? Because Dad and Ed decided to counter the downsides of the day by singin to "raise moral" I can only leave you to imagine how many renditions of  'She'll be coming round the mountain' can be fit into an hour over 3 miles...

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